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The winds of change may be painful, but they fill our sails to

lead us to beautiful and exciting new places.

In 2011 she followed her dreams to Los Angeles to become an actor and costumer for TV. She had some ridiculous “Reality TV” style hardships but also big successes including acting in commercials for brands such as Barbie & Qdoba, costuming for major tv shows such as Mutt & Stuff on Nick Jr. and gaining over 100k followers on Instagram.


Through ancient ways of healing, including sacred plant medicine, she learned that worth is defined in a much different way. It cannot be given or taken away like most would have us believe. Explored through awareness, healing and intense love, worth is inherently ours to honor and cherish. 

Shelise’s story reveals how she navigated from a surface level robotic life, to deep into the understanding and exploration of spirituality, love and forgiveness of not only other people, but herself. Join her, and discover how you can also take back your life with new perspectives, journaling, and thought exercises to provoke healing, change and ascension in the upcoming book The Purple Eye.

About Shelise

 “How does one define their worth?” debut author Shelise Ann Sola often asked herself on her relentless journey. She left Mormonism, uncovered sexual abuse then found healing in unconventional ways.


Is worth defined by how many rules one can follow given by a religious figure? Is it determined by how “damaged” one is? Or by how many people one can get to love oneself even if that means being discarded in the end?


Shelise grew up as a Mormon in a small Utah town and something always felt a little off. On her 18th birthday she relocated to Las Vegas where she graduated with a BA in Fashion Design, from the International Academy of Design and Technology after a study abroad in London, England.  


Thanks for joining the journey!

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