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I'm Giving In



Holy crap this is scary! Do you ever ask God/Universe for the answers to your life over and over just praying that you will one day figure out...and then you actually get the answer and are terrified of it? Terrified yet equally exhilarated and over the moon excited? Well that's what just happened to me. I have been feeling aimless lately and really uninspired, with no excitement. So a few days ago I sat down with my notebook and wrote out real and raw lists from the heart about things that excite me.

I have learned that what excites us the most, is or will lead us to our purpose. The reason is, our excitement comes from God, Source Energy, our higher self, to lead us down the right path. When you think about it, it makes total sense! How else would we find our purpose as humans if we were never excited about doing it? Which is why I say, follow your highest excitement, its the roadmap to your purpose. The best part about this, is we just have to follow the breadcrumbs. Do what makes you happy in every given moment and you will be led to where you need to go. We don't have to worry so much about the final destination because if we follow what excites us in any given moment, we can be sure we are on the right path.

This is what I wrote down:



Adventurous, loving, creative, explorer, silly, curious


Space, traveling, ancient civilizations, metaphysics, mystery, shamanism, plant medicine, high risk outdoor activities, dancing, creating


Visionary in film, fashion, acting, dancing, writing, organization


Well known actor, astronaut, paid influencer/travel blogger, motivational speaker, paid mermaid (legit want to be a mermaid), director, author, join the military to be part of secret Alien missions (yep...I'm that person haha)


After I had my list, I wrote two columns "yes" & "no, got in my heart space by closing my eyes, putting my hand on my chest and focusing on my heart chakra. I asked questions that I knew were true, to get a good feeling of what "yes" felt like and then obvious wrong answers to know what "no" felt like. The key here is to really pay attention so the subtle changes in your body. I felt a sense of peace, comfort and openness when the answer was yes and a constricted, pit in my stomach, closed off feeling when it was no.

I went through my list and said a statement with each profession. "I am an astronaut!" The answer was no. I mean, this one was out of the question anyway but I just love the idea of space travel and learning more about astrology. Now, some felt a bit in the middle so I kept those as maybes.


  • Travel Blogger

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Paid Mermaid (yaaas)


  • Actor

  • Aerial Performer

  • Film Director


  • Astronaut

  • Military with secret Alien missions (dang it lol)

What I did next was say out loud, "Ok God, now that I have a good idea as to what my soul is wanting, please send people or opportunities into my life that will support my purpose. I'm ready to live the life I was meant to live! Then I went to sleep and didn't think about it for a few days. Until...


I was scrolling on Instagram when this ad popped up that says something like, "Do you want to monetize your IG account and get paid to travel?" Sign up for this FREE online workshop!

I checked the times and there was one happening later that night so I signed up. I already have a decent following on IG but I've never really monetized it because I'm so all over the place and don't have one specific niche. I thought, well at the very least I can learn something from this girl who makes 6 figures a year just off her social media.

I'm sitting there in the class taking notes as she's talking about her life as a travel blogger and then BOOM!!! IT HIT ME!!! I go back to my notebook and look at what I wrote a few days ago...


  • Adventurous, Explorer, Creative


  • Space, Traveling, Ancient Civilizations, Metaphysics, Mystery, Shamanism, Plant Medicine, High Risk Outdoor Activities, Creating

HELLOOOOOO! A travel blogger who focuses on ancient places, energetic hotspots, mysticism, vortexes, spirituality and plant medicine! It couldn't be more obvious! After I create a decent following, maybe I could even pitch to Gaia about a travel show and

work as an actor in that capacity! I'm not gonna lie, I haven't been this excited about something in a long time. Now, I know it won't be easy, but I have all the tools I need to make it happen and I believe things will start to fall into place! I can also keep writing my book in these new destinations.

I ended up joining her online course about becoming a successful travel blogger and have spent hours and hours on my computer coming up with a plan.


Let me introduce you to my new instagram page @SolaSpiritTravels! Our bodies can go many places, but let's find the places that move our souls. I hope you will join me on my journey of many discoveries! Including self-discovery.


I'm giving in to my passions, my hobbies, my excitements and giving up on the negative mindsets that were holding me back. Things like, you could never do that, do you even have what it takes?, are you talented enough for that?, you could never actually make a living off of that. All of those beliefs stop here.

This new realization is freaking scary because, well, it's new! Travel blogging is something I have thought about before, but not in the capacity of an actual job! All I can do is take it one step at a time and see where it leads me.


What about your passion? Have you done any exercises similar to the ones I laid out? If you are feeling stuck and a little aimless, now is a good time to rediscover yourself. To rediscover what makes you happy! This pandemic has created time for me to reflect on my life and society as a whole. People say, "I just want everything to go back to normal". Do we though? Was our normal even satisfactory or up to par before all of this happened? When this pandemic is over, I can only hope we are nowhere near where we started. I'm making the choice to use the hardships I have faced to grow, learn, expand and reflect.

Until next time, stay safe, stay present and see you soon.

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